Top 5 Places to Live in Muscat, Oman

Having an idea of the areas that best cater for expats is essential, as this will ensure a smooth transition when moving to a new country. These areas vary in rent; however, most job offers for expats include a rent allowance here.

Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos

Al Sultan Street Grand Mosque

Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos, or simply Madinat Qaboos, is a highly coveted neighbourhood in Muscat’s central district. Modern homes, villas with landscapes and baths, older-style gated communities, and more are among the properties available. Several restaurants and beautiful cafes are located nearby, and an off-license, a veterinarian, and a gym. Due to the massive number of expats and Omani residents, the area’s prominence and convenience are expressed in the property prices.

Al Qurum

This region encompasses a significant portion of Muscat and offers a variety of housing options. It consists of a mix of flats, villas, and larger homes. With Sabco Centre and Al Qurum Complex nearby, Al Qurum is a prominent shopping area. Some sections of Al Qurum, where jet skiing and snorkelling are accessible, are also within a short walk of the beach. Al Qurum Natural Park, a vast green area with flower gardens, a pond, and a theme park, serves as a lovely place to stroll during the cooler months for nature lovers.

Al Qurum Shatti

A Beautiful Sunset

This affluent beachside area, which translates to “The Beach of Al Qurum,” has some sections that resemble Greek-style coastal towns owing to the white and blue villas. The beach is situated about a few steps away, and the area has some of Muscat’s best restaurants, bars, and cafes. Nearby are the Royal Opera House Muscat and the Opera Galleria, which feature cafes like Richoux and Fauchon and luxury stores like Armani and Patek Philippe. Boudoir Boutique offers a variety of beauty and spa services for women. As suggested, the area is likely one of the most expensive in rent, absolutely worth the money you pay for it.

Al Azaiba

Villas are the most common form of property available in this fast-growing region of Oman. The area is also close to the beautiful beach, although getting to the nearby shops would require a car. However, this area is one of the upcoming places to live and is becoming increasingly common among expats to settle down recently. Nearby is the American International School of Muscat, which is mentioned in our Muscat school directory.

Al Mouj

Al Mouj, formerly known as The Wave, is a gated community of residences with a significant expat population. It is an ideal location for families. It has its beach along with children’s playgrounds. It is also suitable for couples, as there are numerous restaurants and new hotels inside the complex, including the Kempinski. For the more daring, the beach has its sailing wharf and sailing facilities!

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