About us

Hamptons International was formed over a century ago and has evolved into one of the most respected and successful real estate consulting groups in the UK.  The company has a network of offices in major cities in England and is renowned for its excellent track record in the marketing of exclusive and prime residential properties. The group continues to expand both locally and internationally, positioning itself as one of the most valuable residential property groups in the world.

Hamptons International & Partners LLC was established in Muscat in early 2000 as a first phase in its Gulf network presence and brought to the region a full range of residential, commercial and related professional real estate services.

The company is fully registered to carry out the activities of real estate management, brokerage, valuation and consultancy services under company registration number 1/64752/0.  Since establishment, the company has rapidly grown into one of the most successful real estate consultancies in Oman.

With over one hundred and forty years of experience in renting and selling property, Hamptons International is a name well known to landlords worldwide and locally for its quality agency, management and consultancy services.

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